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Blythe obi

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**kimono  Example**

kimono Example

"Commande de kimonos "

Vous désirez un kimono personnalisé unique au monde ?

Il vous est possible de choisir le tissu du Kimono et du Obi (ceinture) afin de créer votre modèle exclusif.


1.Choisissez les tissus pour votre kimono.

2.Pour le Obi, vous avez le choix entre les designs proposés sur les photos de références 1 à 2 (le dessin du cordon est différent pour chacun).

Obi style 2

Obi tissu. ( O-32)
Cordon: (C-1 )


3.Selecting Obi Tissu (O-1 ~ O-35)

4.Choisissez votre style Obi (Bunko or Taiko)

5.Veuillez également choisir la doublure (sans indication de votre part, je sélectionnerais la plus adaptée dans la gamme).
(Rouge (O-33), blanche (O-26), Rose (O-32) , bleu (O-28)).


*Merci de bien m'indiquer les choix ci-dessus lorsque vous effectuez votre achat.*

1,kimono tissu: ( )
2,Obi designs: ( )
3,Obi tissu: ( ) 
4,Obi Cord: ( ) 
5,kimono doublure: ( ) 


+*+*+*+*+*Costume pour+*+*+*+*+*

PukiFee,Lati Yellow


Ensemble de 2 pièces.

(kimono, Obi)

** ** Matériaux utilisés ** **

Kimono /: tissu Japon.

Doublure : tissu de kimono france.

Obi : Tissu Japon.





Would you like to make the one and only one kimono in this world?
You can choose whichever kimono fabric and the obi (kimono sash) you desire.

①Choose a kimono fabric.

②Please choose the obi design you want from reference photos 1 or2.
(The cord for each obi design is different)

Obi style : 2

Obi Fabric ( O-32 )
Cord: (C-1 )


③Choose an obi (belt) fabric. (O-1~O-35)

④Choose an obi knot ( Bunko or Taiko ). 

⑤Please choose the lining for kimono. (if no choice is specified I will choose for you)
 (Red(O-33), White(O-26), Pink(O-32), and Blue(O-28).)

Please let me know the above when you wish to make a purchase.

1,kimono Fabric: (  )
2,Obi design: (  )
3,Obi Fabric: (  ) 

4,Obi Cord: (  ) 
5,Obi knot: (  ) 

★★A set of kimono will be ready within two weeks after an order is placed.★★


Please take note, that the position of design pattern of the kimonos may vary from the photo above. 
It is, however, cut from the same fabric. 


☆We can make any size of kimono. Please tell us your doll’s measurements!☆

Please feel free to ask us questions if you are not sure about anything.!^^

** Outfit for **

PukiFee,Lati Yellow


Together of 2 pieces. 

( kimono,Obi)

** ** Materials used ** ** 

Kimono/: Fabric Japan

Kimono lining:Fabric france.

Obi: Fabric Japan.


the doll is not sold.

*Keep in mind that shipping internationally sometimes takes 3 to 4 weeks depending on location and also on how long customs holds the package. 

*If you wish to have insurance or registered/signed for you should convo me before making payment so that I can modify your shipping.
Thank you for taking a look!