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** Outfit for **

"BJD" Super Dollfie (YSD) and Little Fee Soom Tiny,(BB Boy)
Dream Of Doll,Fantasy Doll,Doll Leeke-D,Little Monica
Fairyland, Doll Leaves.AsleepEidolon,Angel Of Dream,
Angell-Studio,AnotherSpace2,BEYOURS DOLL,BEYOURS DOLL

(11/12 inch 26cm ~ 30cm doll)


Together of 3 pieces.

( Mini kimono,Hakama,Obi)


** ** Materials used ** **

Mini kimono/: Fabric France

Kimono lining:FabricFfrance

Hakama: Fabric france or Japan


3 piece set.

(Mini kimono ,Hakama,Obi)

*** Matériaux utilisés ****

kimono: Fabric Japan or France.

Obi:Fabric Japon.

kimono lining: Fabric France.

Hakama:Fabric Japan or France.




** Model: Lili (Doll Leaves) **
Size: 26cm Bust: 14cm Waist: 13cm Hips: 14.5 cm



★★A set of kimono will be ready within two weeks after an order is placed.★★


Please take note, that the position of design pattern of the kimonos may vary from the photo above.
It is, however, cut from the same fabric.


☆We can make any size of kimono. Please tell us your doll’s measurements!☆

Please feel free to ask us questions if you are not sure about anything.!^^


*Keep in mind that shipping internationally sometimes takes 3 to 4 weeks depending on location and also on how long customs holds the package.


*If you wish to have insurance or registered/signed for you should convo me before making payment so that I can modify your shipping.

Thank you for taking a look!